Engros (which means “fellows” in their language) are a diminutive race of travelers of northern origin, driven far south by the Blizzard War. They live a nomadic life, traveling the Hearthlands and outer Hellfrost in their brightly-colored caravans. Though most earn a living as healers, tinkers, and itinerant laborers, they have a reputation for being thieves and ne’er-do-wells. In many instances, this is well-deserved.


As the situation in Rassilon worsens, with the hardening winters lengthening each year, more frequent attacks by bandits and monsters, and growing wars in Sutmark and Vestmark, the engros are slowly beginning to lose their nomadic ways. In Rushton, there is a sizable permanent community of the diminutive folk.

Despite being disliked by many peoples, engros are optimistic and high-spirited, even in the face of overwhelming danger. Though they have a strong will, they are far from stubborn, and appreciate those who change their ideas to suit ever-changing circumstances. Engros are, however, naturally suspicious of outsiders, considering them unclean, uncouth, and ignorant. It is not an attitude which endears mutual understanding and cooperation.

Both sexes dress in brightly-colored clothes and wear headscarves. The coloration and pattern of the scarf denotes one’s tribal affiliation and allows engros to determine whether a fellow engro is friend or foe, long before they get into weapon range. Tribal rivalries can be extremely violent, for despite their small stature, engros are fierce fighters and rarely back down from a fight.

Engros are religious by nature, though they rarely participate in organized ceremonies. Most families have a cleric to a single god, and when families meet, the clerics of the various gods perform ad hoc ceremonies. Though engros can learn elementalism and hrimwisardry, most practice a form of druidism, calling upon the natural magic of Rassilon.

Engros average just 3’ in height, though rare members have been known to reach as much as 4 feet. Their hair runs the gamut from white to black, although their eyes are usually brown or green. Most live for 70 years, though 100 year-old engros have been recorded many times.

Names: (Male) Bertrem, Jym, Odbert, Oxbow, Rodgar; (Female) Daisy, Foxglove, Petunia, Rose. Engros have never used surnames, believing that a name holds power. Since it is thus impossible to distinguish one Bertrem from another on name alone, they consider themselves safe from curses and other evil magics.


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