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Setting Overview


  • All options and bits of info in the Hellfrost Player’s Guide are open and available. You have full access to this book. Be sure to also get the errata and Savage Worlds Deluxe update for the Hellfrost Player’s Guide.
  • Savage Worlds Deluxe is the rules system for this game, so that book is an available source. Please note that the Hellfrost Player’s Guide takes precedence over the core rulebook, so be sure to confirm your options within the Player’s Guide and its errata and update. For example, the HFPG is the primary source for equipment, spells, and some edges. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in there, and it’s not listed as prohibited or altered, then you should look in SWD.
  • I will be making use of many of the rules in the Rassilon Expansion, and there are a small number of edges and things therein that may be of interest to you as players. If you do want to browse through the book, please avoid the Bestiary section.
  • The Hellfrost Gazetteer, the Hellfrost Bestiary, and the various Region Guides are GM only. They contain info that may be important to the plot and should not be read by players. There are some edges and hindrances that are found in the Region Guides. If you see one on the list below that sounds interesting to you, let me know and I can make sure you have access to it without also getting potential spoilers.
  • Other small sources that may interest you:


  • New players begin their first character at 20xp 15xp. If that character dies, the replacement character starts at half the XP of the dead one (dead characters may earn XP for the session in which they die). This can be modified by achieving a high Glory. (Note – this is the standard Hellfrost rule. Dying sucks. If you have to do it, make absolutely sure that you go out in a blaze of glory and that your survivors spring for a kickass funeral)
  • Character Archetypes – Hellfrost-appropriate character concepts for inspiration
  • List of available edges – Google docs spreadsheet
  • Standard character sheet, or NEW double-sided character sheet
  • Races: (Hellfrost is a humanocentric setting – please do your GM a favor and try not to make a party full of misfits and pariahs)
  • Religion
  • Lists of names and other useful tidbits


There are some houserules that we will be using, though most of them are official variants. I reserve the right to modify, add, or remove these rules as necessitated by the needs of the campaign.

  • We will be using the optional Rune Bennies system outlined here (specifically #3, the “heroic” option). Religious characters may draw their deity’s rune first (additional bennies are still random).
  • Eira’s clergy are the only ones with access to the healing spell. It is stricken from other spell lists.
  • The “Blood & Guts” variant from SWD is in effect. Essentially, all characters may spend Bennies to re-roll damage as if they had the No Mercy edge. Note that this affects NPCs as well!
  • NEW We will be using the alternate spellcasting rules described here .



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