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Group One (VT)

AttisAttis – A Saxa mercenary in search of adventure
CeilinCeilin – An outcast Thunderson of Thunor
NagaNaga Frostfire – A disagreeable elvish sworddancer

Group Two (NH)

HugoHugo Zurn – An adventurer, explorer, and occasional tomb robber
AhoAho Filsgar – A simple man with a passion for punching and drinking
TreinTrein Stonehelm – A frost dwarf blacksmith with martial ambitions
FerionMage-Knight Ferion, Heir to Beckinsire – A heahwisard noble from Beckinsire

Deceased Heroes

JarnefeltJarnefelt – A trapper eaten by rats during an attack on a Valic cult
SilasSilas Padfoot – A wanted thief and burglar, presumed dead
BegrowBegrow Frith – A merchant and elementalist, presumed dead
FallionSir Fallion of Beckinsire – Ferion’s younger brother, presumed dead


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